Not Martin O’Malley

Later this month former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will be in New Hampshire, which is, I am sure, lovely this time of year. But, according to the Boston Globe, he’s not likely there to kick back,  not when there’s a Democratic presidential nomination to chase. Yes, already.

O’Malley has been in Iowa twice recently, and South Carolina, so I suspect he’s a man with a plan.

I never disliked him during his brief 2016 effort. Good politics, seems like a nice guy, but he never seemed like “the guy,” and still doesn’t. Too smooth, too slick, too patrician for my tastes. My guess is that the Democrats should look for a brawler, a woman or man who exudes toughness, likes a good fight and can relate across the socio-economic spectrum. Maybe Sherrod Brown is not the guy, but he’s the type, at least for me. Jen Granholm as a type would also be great, though she’s a Canadian and ineligible.

Democrats need a personality, dare I say, a brand. Crazy thought, but many who felt comfortable voting Trump could be comfortable going left populist with the right message, and the right messenger.

It’s not Martin O’Malley.

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