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“Blues Number Two” – Hank Mobley (1957)

Jazz Message #2 , also called Hard Bop and The Jazz Message of Hank Mobley Volume 2,  was released in 1957 on the Savoy label. It was recorded on July 23 & November 7, 1956. Featured performers are Mobley (tenor sax); Donald … Continue reading

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Jake Tapper suggests Sean Spicer visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum. No, he didn’t

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Not Martin O’Malley

Later this month former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) will be in New Hampshire, which is, I am sure, lovely this time of year. But, according to the Boston Globe, he’s not likely there to kick back,  not when there’s … Continue reading

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Quotable Quotes: Facts are so annoying

“Reflecting on Kansas’ congressional special election, Donald Trump said this morning that the Republican won “easily” against Democrats “who spent heavily [and] predicted victory.” All of this is true, except for the parts about the Republican winning easily, Democrats spending … Continue reading

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Democratic senators wish they had a map to fall in love with

I wouldn’t want to be so cynical as to think Trump would launch American missiles to approve his polling numbers, but whatever bump he may have received recently will be, I am sure, short-lived. Unless, of course, he gets used … Continue reading

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What do early special elections really tell us?

Sean McMinn at Roll Call has a piece today arguing we shouldn’t read too much into special elections in the first hundred days of a new administration. Historically speaking, the challenging party has done well in early special elections though … Continue reading

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GOP holds onto the Kansas 4th – barely

Maybe Kansas Republicans will argue that a win is a win, and that there’s nothing to see here. The fact is that there is quite a lot to see in  the surprisingly close results in yesterday’s special election to replace … Continue reading

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Morning Headlines

Politico: Dems to unveil populist agenda showing Sanders’ sway New York Times: Trump’s shift on Russia brings geopolitical whiplash The Hill: GOP infighting imperils agenda Roll Call: With enthusiasm high, Democrats school potential candidates on realities of running CNBC: Republicans … Continue reading

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