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Listen Here: “East of the Sun” – Sarah Vaughan (1955)

The origin of the song is fascinating. “East of the Sun (and West of the Moon)” was written by Brooks Bowman, an undergraduate member of Princeton University’s Class of 1936, for the 1934 production of the Princeton Triangle Club’s production … Continue reading

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Battleground States’ Opinion Pages

The Denver Post: Michael Bennet takes the right stand on filibuster Des Moines Register: Kansas should know that health care makes working possible New Hampshire Union-Leader: Laws over rules: Congress battles the bureaucrats Philadelphia Inquirer: Tighter gun laws would reduce … Continue reading

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John Oliver calls it “Stupid Watergate,” which is funny because it’s true

It’s not exactly true, though. Let’s not forget a lot of really dumb things were done during the Watergate episode (the break-in, the coverup, the plumbers, taping conversations, missing minutes of taping, Hunt, Liddy, and other cartoonish characters, etc. etc.). … Continue reading

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With Trump’s Russia connection, Dems should take what they can get

We are likely to see many fluffy pieces on the likelihood that Trump will be impeached from now until he leaves the White House, whether in handcuffs or not. The latest round of commentary centres on a new Public Policy Polling (PPP) … Continue reading

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Morning Headlines

Politico: Former Trump staffers hunt for foreign lobbying work New York Times: Trump aides’ disclosures reveal surge in lucrative political work The Hill: Senators fear fallout of nuclear option Washington Post: Trump’s budget would hit rural towns especially hard — … Continue reading

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