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“Mambo Italiano” – Rosemary Clooney (1954) and “Volare” – Dean Martin (1958)

In 2003 the UTNE Reader ran a short piece on Italian songs in American pop music. These are a few of the titles they mentioned. I’ve always been partial to “Volare,”   which means “to fly.” I usually think of … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow with Clinton Watts on Russian “active measures”

Rachel Maddow interviewed everyone’s favourite former FBI agent, Clinton Watts, this week. Watts testified earlier at the Senate Intelligence Committee. There were a number of interesting points raised in the Maddow interchange, but the most important may be that it … Continue reading

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Do you know what would make me very happy?

What would make me very happy, or at least not unhappy, is if I never again saw a news story containing the work “bombshell.” The Daily Buzz ran a headline today which read “George Takei Has Bombshell Announcement, And Washington Is … Continue reading

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Morning Headlines

Politico: Bannon earned more than half a million dollars from entities tied to GOP donors Roll Call: White House ends 10th week like others: Embroiled in controversies The Hill: Pelosi seeks to unify Dems on ObamaCare fixes New York Times: … Continue reading

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