New lower Gallup poll numbers suggest Trump is already tired of winning

Tracking polls are dicey thing, but low is low, and direction counts, as new Gallup numbers indicate.

President Donald Trump’s job approval rating fell to 36% for the three-day period of March 24-26, following Republican House leaders’ failed effort to pass a new healthcare bill that would have replaced the Affordable Care Act.

Trump’s three-day reading prior to Friday’s events was 41%. His previous low point was 37%, recorded March 16-18. His highest reading was 46% in the week following his Jan. 20 inauguration, and he has averaged 42% for his term to date.

As Gallup reports, “Trump’s current 36% is two percentage points below Barack Obama’s low point of 38%, recorded in 2011 and 2014,” which must be killing him. Though it is true others have gone lower before rebounding, being this weak this early suggests a special level of incompetence.

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