Listen Here: “Don’t Be Angry” – Nappy Brown (1955)

Don’t Be Angry” was written by  Nappy Brown, Rose Marie McCoy, and Fred Mendelsohn and published in 1955. Brown released it that year with it reaching #2 on the Billboard R&B charts and #25 on the US Best Seller list.

It was put out on Savoy Records in the U.S. “It’s Really You” (by Charles Fowler Singleton and Rose Marie McCoy) was the B-side. 

Bill Dahl at AllMusic writes this:

Nobody sounded much like Nappy Brown during the mid-’50s. Exotically rolling his consonants with sing-song impunity (allegedly, Savoy Records boss Herman Lubinsky thought Brown was singing in Yiddish), bellowing the blues with gospel-inspired ferocity, Brown rode rock & roll’s first wave for a few glorious years before his records stopped selling.

Sounds like fun while it lasted.

Sam The Man Taylor is responsible for the exquisite sax solo on this one.

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