Will they vote today on healthcare? Bet not

With word that Speaker Paul Ryan is heading up to the White House to brief President Trump ahead of the scheduled afternoon vote on healthcare, I’m willing to bet he’s not making the trip to say he has the votes in hand and everything will be fine.

My guess is he’s going to be asking for more time before Trump starts mouthing off about how Ryan failed to deliver because Ryan is, you know, a failing failure.

Apparently, someone is telling Politico that the GOP leadership may pull the bill: “They’re getting farther from, not closer to, 215,” according to said unnamed source.

Here’s a little quirk from Axios about how things work in the House when a bill looks destined to fail:

What leadership keenly understands is that the bottom falls out on a vote like this. It’s not like Trump will get a clear read on who is with him and who’s against. Members that are currently in the “yes” column will not vote for a bill that is going down and will have the negative implications hung around their neck in the fall of 2018. If GOP leaders put the bill on the floor without the votes to win, it won’t lose by a handful, it will lose badly.

If it does fail, one way or the other, it’s hard to know what happens next in light of Trump’s now-or-never warning.

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