Think Chelsea instead of Ivanka. Imagine heads exploding

Please daddy, buy me an office at the White House, with my own security clearance.

Today a number of sources are running with the story that Trump is now seeking top-level security clearance for Ivanka after having said a few short months ago that he would do no such thing.

Here’s his original comment:  “I am not trying to get ‘top level security clearance’ for my children. This was a typically false news story.” So, you know, fake news until it was proven to be real news. Whatever.

As we now hear, the great man’s daughter will be officially setting up shop in the West Wing, the better to keep an eye on things for the big guy.

The powerful first daughter has secured her own office on the West Wing’s second floor — a space next to senior adviser Dina Powell, who was recently promoted to a position on the National Security Council. She is also in the process of obtaining a security clearance and is set to receive government-issued communications devices this week.

As Steve Benen writes, “there’s  no real precedent for this.”

Americans have seen the president’s adult kids adopting ceremonial roles, but Ivanka Trump is participating in meetings with foreign leaders — literally sitting next to Canada’s Justin Trudeau and Germany’s Angela Merkel during recent White House discussions — and tackling a policy portfolio.

I guess the fact that she is not being paid gets her around nepotism laws, but still.

As some wag put it today, could you image the outcry from conservatives if a President Hillary Clinton put Chelsea in such a position?

One rule for me, another for thee.

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