Kellyanne’s alternative facts smell like lies

It’s so hard to know if Trump’s decision to go toe-to-toe with the media will work as well as a governing tactic as it did in the campaign. My guess is that he is setting him up for a whole world of hurt.

If Chuck Todd’s response  on Meet the Press today is any indication, the media are gearing up to be pissed off. Conway tries hard to chastise Todd for negatively characterizing White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s lie about crowd size at the Inauguration in the clip below, suggesting that his job is to report  “facts,” alternative or otherwise, without comment.

Unfortunately too much of that went on during the campaign, which is one of the reasons Trump was able to win. From here on out I will be surprised if members of media will agree to be played for fools in this way.

Most citizens will for the most part stop paying close attention now. The media get paid to do this every day, and they are not happy.

Bonus comment: I have heard various members of the media talk about what great people Sean Spicer and Kelley Conway are. I don’t think that will continue.

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