So, we can all agree no one knows how this thing will go?

Ooh, look. My thumb.

Larry Sabato says what many of us are thinking:

In just a couple of weeks, the old sun will be completely eclipsed by the new one. Democrats will be essentially on their own, in a greatly diminished role. Their future will depend on President Trump’s performance, and no one really knows what will happen. It’s easy to spin scenarios whereby Trump becomes popular and successful, and equally easy to see how and why he might crash and burn. The point is that Democrats have no representative in the cockpit of the plane; on most days in most ways, they are now merely passengers on a long flight whose direction and destination are determined solely by the Republicans at the controls.

Given that Ronald Reagon, one of the dumbest people to ever occupy the White House, is lionized by the right,  it is difficult to know what those who voted for Trump will consider signs of success or failure.

The most troubling comment above is indeed that it will be easy “to spin scenarios whereby Trump becomes popular and successful.” But if he crashes and burns, will his supporters accept any evidence of the fact?

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