Rigging the system for me but not for thee

Sold, to the highest bidder!

Sold, to the highest bidder!

Politico is running a piece today that argues Republicans are not only aware of the myriad conflicts of interest that exist and will become an increasingly important feature of Trump’s administration but they actually, the argument goes, embrace them.

Voters rewarded Trump in part on the idea that success in business will equal success in government, and Republicans are therefore unwilling to encourage the president-elect to put distance between the Oval Office and Trump Tower, or between himself and the children who serve as his trusted advisers.

Presumably, the idea of conflicts of interest is precisely the kind of left-wing notion that was defeated in the last election. Winners use all tools at their disposal, losers are too weak or stupid to know how the world really works.

I’m still trying to figure out how the use of such an inside game comports with Trump’s criticism of a rigged system heard frequently during the campaign, or is this just proof that my loser, elitist logic is now out-dated?

Perhaps Trump’s supporters don’t mind a rigged system as long as they share in the spoils.

It’s going to be a long four years.

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