President Trump and the Constitution

So, what if like in 240 years an idiot becomes president? Is there anything in there to cover that?

So, what if like in 229 years an idiot becomes president? Is there anything in there to cover that?

Without getting into yet another discussion of how Donald Trump could possibly have been elected president of the United States, I do wonder how significant Tea Party influences are likely to be in his new administration.

I am particularly interested to see how quick Tea Party types will be to admonish Trump should he run afoul of the Constitution and the wisdom of the founding fathers, one of their favourite pastimes at least when they believe Democrats are in breach. I will not be holding my breath.

On that thought, I have been lately making my way through various important books about the American Revolution and the founding for no other reason than that I want to.

One of those texts is by Merrill Jenson from 1950 entitled The New Nation. In the opening pages he says this:

Since the founding fathers themselves disagreed as to the nature of the history of the period and as to the best kind of government, it is possible to find arguments to support almost any interpretation one chooses.

I would be so pleased if anyone in the Trump Administration, including the president, could begin to provide a coherent argument for any action they might take based on a thoughtful analysis of the Constitution or interpretations of events of the time by those who played key roles.

Put another way, I have grown weary of fools in tri-cornered hats over the past several years blurting out when confronted with a microphone that such and such a politician should heed the Constitution and the wisdom of the founders. Now that one of their own is to have the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I’m certain they will want to make sure everything he does is on the up-and-up.

Or is it more likely they will agree with Richard Nixon that “[i]f the President does something, then it’s not illegal,” which no doubt is something one of the founders must have said too.

My head hurts.

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