The Trump campaign won’t let the truth stand in the way of a good story

trumpIf you watched this interview between CNN’s Jake Tapper and Trump Campaign manager Kellyanne Conway this morning, you might have come away with the impression I did, which is that Conway will never get back any degree of credibility post-campaign, assuming she ever had any.

Part of the interview addressed a protester at a Trump rally armed with nothing but a sign who was wrestled to the ground because a Trump supporter yelled that he had a gun. Fine, maybe someone did think he had a gun. I’m sure the Secret Service acted appropriately when they whisked Trump off stage. But there was no gun, no assassination attempt. Still, the Trump campaign loved the idea of their guy coming back out on stage after the “threat” was neutralized as an example of how brave the candidate is.

Donald Jr. even Tweeted that Hillary Clinton was forced to shorten a rally because of rain, while his dad did his best Clint Eastwood routine and soldiered through the crisis, through an attempt on his life that never, of course, happened.

Here’s Conway, when asked about the dishonesty of those continuing to run with the idea that it was an assassination attempt, pivoting to talk about Hillary Clinton’s supposed dishonesty, which is what she always does.

In essence she said that when the media starts reporting the election honestly, the Trump campaign will stop telling lies to further their efforts. I swear that is what she said. That seems to be what they believe. The media, in their view, is dishonest so the Trump campaign is absolved of any responsibility to care about the truth.

Maybe some people think Conway is simply doing what a well-compensated spinmeister does. It is really starting to make my stomach turn.

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