Quote of the Day: Truth vs. spin

rothman“Weaponized misinformation is hardly a new phenomenon. Its effect on the 2016 presidential race has, however, been exceptionally ominous. A campaign of deliberate deceptions involving but not limited to foreign entities seeking to disrupt the American political process to their own ends should be ringing alarm bells for patriotic American voters . . . The age in which there was universally understood and incontrovertible truth is over. The information age has given way to something more closely resembling its antonym.”

Noah Rothman, Commentary magazine

It’s one thing to expect “spin” in politics. But spin typically assumes a basic agreement about the facts, which are then massaged to support one view or another. Trump’s genius, and I hate to use his name in a sentence with that word, is to realized, as no one else fully has, that lying to the American public is effective. It works, especially if lies told support prejudices dearly embraced. Truth has come to be defined as what moves voter preference.

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