Christie’s plan to destroy the civil service

imageThere has been so much to think about this election cycle I seem to have missed his gem. It’s part of a story by Jon Chait in which he discusses the likelihood that in any other presidential election, the Christie scandal would have destroyed a candidacy. Christie is overseeing Trump’s transition team. Two of Christie’s top political allies have now been convicted in the Bridgegate scandal. Trump has stated publicly that of course Christie knew about it. Boom. Game over. But no.

That’s very interesting, although what is particularly frightening is this mention of Christie’s plans as head of the transition team.

Compounding the ethical concerns, Christie plans to change civil-service laws, as Emily Flitter reported, so that Trump could more easily fire government employees and install his own loyalists. In particular, Christie “wants to let businesspeople serve in government part time without having to give up their jobs in the private sector.” Trump’s plan for staffing the government would open up vast new opportunities for conflicts of interest — since businesspeople would make regulatory decisions that would impact their own wallets — and it would be overseen by a man with a long history of abusing state power.

Maybe because I am not allowing myself to think about a world in which Donald Trump is president of the United States I have ignored thinking about what he might do in that position. But these “plans” by Christie are friggin’ terrifying.

It’s bad enough that regulators and businesses already frequently have overly cozy relations. Now Trump and Christie want to erase any distance between the two by making them the same people.

Let this national nightmare end soon.

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