Does Clinton campaign have an oppo-bomb on Trump?

Is it over yet?

Is it over yet?

There seems to be some speculation among reporters that the Clinton campaign has in its kit bag a doozy or two of opposition research they will release when the timing is right.

I don’t know what they might have if anything, but I would tend to agree with Nate Silver who notes that if they had something, they would have been smarter to do it before early voting started.

Still, whatever they could have, and however damning it might actually be, one could argue they would do almost anything to focus attention on Trump and away from the current email issue.

As Silver also writes, though the Clinton campaign is typically risk averse, they may feel the need to push a story that is not well sourced knowing the media would probably pick it up anyway especially if polling is close in the waning days of the campaign.

Most interesting is the timing of releasing any bit of dirt, as per  Silver. On  the one hand, they wouldn’t want whatever it is to be overshadowed by the FBI story, though waiting too long could make them look desperate.

I will say that I am having a hard time imagining what kind of opposition research they might have that would change anything. Could it be something about Russia or Putin, his taxes, Trump University, or more women. Would any of that be new enough to matter?

Although, as we have been saying all along, if there is something, maybe it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it takes the focus off of Clinton and puts it on Trump.

If I were working with the Clinton campaign I would counsel they hold fire and let Trump do that work for them, as he almost always has in the past.

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