VP Biden is at the top of HRC’s Sec’y of State list, but don’t tell Joe


International man of mystery

This may be the silliest political story of the day, which is saying a lot when Donald Trump  is still kicking around.

It seems Hillary Clinton is interested in Vice President Biden as her Secretary of State but doesn’t know how to put it to him. Just guessing here, but I would think the cat’s out of the bag.

As per Politico:

Neither Clinton, nor her aides have yet told Biden. According to the source, they’re strategizing about how to make the approach to the vice president, who almost ran against her in the Democratic primaries but has since been campaigning for her at a breakneck pace all over the country in these final months.

Sure, I get it. It’s not so much about letting him know he’s in contention but finding a way to convince him to do it. Would it be too cynical to suggest the unnamed source is starting the process by going public, and early? Maybe creating a sense of inevitability?

Or is Clinton trying to piggyback on President Obama’s popularity by suggesting continuity? Nah, too cynical.

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