Political white lies, just the way we like them

imageA new poll indicates that almost half of likely voters in Florida think Sen. Marco Rubio has his eye on bigger fish beyond his re-election bid. Shocking though it may be, they think he’s stringing them along so he can launch another presidential bid in 2020. But they’re okay with that! which is to say according to a recent Bloomberg poll, Rubio has a comfortable lead over his Democratic challenger Rep. Pat Murphy.

Christina Flom at Roll Call writes:

On the question of whether Rubio was looking more at 2020 than another term in the Senate, 49 percent of those polled said it was the former while 27 percent said it was more about serving Florida. Twenty-four percent said they weren’t sure. Even among those supporting Rubio, 28 percent said it was about 2020.

When reporters ask candidates if they are possibly thinking about a future upgrade in their political fortune beyond the current contest, the answer is always some variant of wanting only to serve the constituents of the community, district, state, etc. When the politician makes his or her move at some later date, no one cares. Even as voters are casting their ballots in one election, they accept their candidate of choice might be thinking about the future.

The only thing that would matter is if the candidate actually told the truth, for example, if Sen. Rubio were to admit that he is only running for re-election to the Senate because he wants to be president.

Contrary to popular belief, even voters don’t like that much truth. They’d rather live with the lie. It’s like not minding being “Mr. Right Now” but not wanting to be told that’s the case.


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