The Cook Political Report now expects Democrats to take the Senate

cookIt’s not over till it’s over, but respected elections handicapper Charlie Cook thinks it might be time to call the U.S. Senate for the Democrats. 

Assuming that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton wins the White House, the party needs four seats to tie the chamber, leaving the Vice President as the tie breaking vote. For much of the cycle, we have expected Democrats to score a net gain of between four and six seats.


[W]e are increasing the range of expected Democratic pick ups to five to seven seats. This means that we feel that the prospect that Democrats will have at least 51 seats is greater than the odds of a tied Senate, or of Republicans somehow holding their majority.

Citing the now infamous Access Hollywood tape as the turning point, Cook notes that Senate Republicans have begun to see a dip in their expected vote in places like Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

There is still time for something to change, but this is good news for Team Hillary.

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