If I were 6′ 7″ and could play basketball I might have had a shot in the NBA

My namesake Rick Barry

My namesake Rick Barry

For the record, I’m 5′ 7″ -ish and have absolutely no basketball skills (though I share a name with an NBA Hall-of-Famer).

Speaking on Face the Nation yesterday, Republican strategist Frank Luntz said this election “should have been a slam dunk for the GOP…if [Trump] had stayed the voice and the vision for those people who have been left behind, this race would be a lot different than it is right now.”

To my point about being not tall, Luntz said that the GOP presidential nominee needed a campaign “that the Trump campaign has not had …about the voice of the voters, not the voice of Donald Trump.”

Instead, Luntz said he has never seen a campaign with “less discipline” or “less focus.”

So, if Donald Trump had found a way to be someone other than Donald Trump, he might be winning this election. Great analysis, Mr. Luntz.

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