Time to get serious…

Because she'll do a good job.

Because she’ll do a good job.

It would be silly for those supporting Hillary Clinton to deny they are mightily relieved today. No, we don’t think it’s over, but we are feeling a great deal more bullish about a positive outcome than we were before last night’s debate.

I think Hillary Clinton will see a bump in polling results in the next few days because the debates, her solid performance and his buffoonery, signalled to those who insist they are undecided or considering a third-party candidate that it is time to step up and confront reality.

Trump is an ass and a danger to the country, and perhaps to the stability of geo-political relations.

There is much work that needs to be done. His 42 percent or so ceiling is baked in, as is her floor at the same approximate level. Now the 6 to 8 percent that need and want to be wooed by HRC should and,  I would suggest, will start to come around.

The margin between these two is defined by those who don’t like her but are terrified of him. They have so far inconsistently declared their intentions for her  in various polls but that debate and those to follow make the choice clear and, put a different way, these folks need to get over themselves.

Not decided yet, but we can see it from here.

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