The History of America in Song and Story

imageWorking as I do in the general vicinity of the University of Toronto is a special treat this time year as the various colleges that make up the school hold their annual alumni book sales. There are several of them and the loot for book lovers is quite amazing.

In addition to a few classics about the Civil War, I found a fascinating volume called The American Ballad: The History of the United States in Song and Story, by John Anthony Scott.

It contains words and music to around 125 songs with text which explains the context of each. It starts with the Colonial Period and comes up to the present, which for this volume is 1966.

The inside cover indicates that the book “shows how the story of the American people is revealed in their songs.” Okay.

I’m looking forward to digging in and learning songs like “Young Ladies in Town” (Revolutionary War period) and “The Wisconsin Immigrant” (Westward Movement).

I see you can order the book on Amazon. Great find.

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