Your parrot and the truth are no more

imageIt’s no longer fun to point out the lies Trump and his surrogates tell on a daily basis, is it? What’s the point? For some reason much of the country, certainly much of the media assume he and his associates will say things that are provably untrue to the point that it no longer has an impact.

It’s as if there is general agreement that though lies are obviously being told, let’s all admit that lying is what politicians and their spokespeople do, and move on to talking about how close the polls are or how infected Hillary’s most recent hangnail has become, or whatever isn’t having to wrestle with a liar. It’s become sheer stillness, and everyone knows it.

This reminds me of nothing as much as a Monty Python skit with the interviewer saying, “You’re lying,” while the candidate/surrogate says, “Am not.” “You bloody well are” … “I bloody well am not.” “That is an untrue statement.” “No it’s not.” And so on. (Add your own John Cleese accent).

This came to mind as I was reading Steve Benen’s recounting of Chris Christie’s reframing of Trump’s birtherism crusade.

“But no one was quite as brazen in his dishonesty as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), who told CNN’s Jake Tapper yesterday that the birther garbage has been “done” as an issue “for a long time.” The host reminded the viewing audience that Trump kept the conspiracy theory going for five years after President Obama made his long-form birth certificate available to the public. It led to an amazing exchange:”

CHRISTIE: Jake, that’s just not true. It’s not true that he kept it up for five years.

TAPPER: Sure, he did.

CHRISTIE: It’s simply not true.

TAPPER: It is true.

CHRISTIE: It wasn’t like he was talking — no, Jake, it wasn’t like — it wasn’t like he was talking about it on a regular basis until then.

Yes, yes, yes. Trump was in fact talking about it all the time, we all know it,  and your parrot and the truth are no more. They have ceased to be.

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