Good help is hard to find, and other lessons from the Trump campaign

This is everywhere, so you’ve probably already seen it. Trump campaign surrogate Michael Cohen provides compelling evidence of the existence of a new kind of stupid in an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar. In short Keilar prefaces a question about Trump’s staffing shake-up by referring to the campaign’s recent poor performance, to which Cohen aggressively asks, “Says who?” just like any playground bully would. Keilar holds her ground by replying that polls are showing that. He presses by obnoxiously asking “Which polls?” She closes the loop by incredulously answering, “All of them.”

It’s pretty amazing, and only made more so by a subsequent claim by Cohen to Yahoo News about the CNN interview in which he said, “I think I unravelled her.” Now, if unravelling someone has now come to mean “being schooled by an interviewer,” he certainly unravelled her.

In Trump World, even when you lose, you win.

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