Hillary Clinton begins long hard slog against Trump with new ad

greatIt’s not going to be fun and it’s not going to be easy, but Hillary Clinton is beginning to frame her campaign against Donald Trump in a new ad that will be running in New York State.

She talks about New York’s diversity where people don’t all look alike or sound the same. “But when we all pull together, we do the biggest things in the world,” she says.

The key message features a clip of Trump’s logo and Hillary’s voice over saying: “So when some say we can solve America’s problems by building walls, banning people based on their religion and turning against each other—well, this is New York, and we know better.”

Will attacking Trump with positive messaging that contrasts with his creepy, well, everything actually work?

Considering that everyone thinks taking him on directly is equivalent to political suicide, this must be what the high-priced advisors are offering.

Apparently frontal attacks are a problem and calmly and patiently chastising him for being Donald Trump also hasn’t worked well. Not sure what that leaves.

Good ad, though.

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