Let me say this one thing, over and over

imageHard to deny that Sen. Sanders is a one-trick pony. I mean, it’s an important trick but after a while it’s easy to wish he’d stretch himself a bit. I refer here to the way he brings everything back to income inequality. As Steve Benen writes, when Sanders was asked about racial divisions in a recent debate, he started talking about “the disastrous and illegal behaviour of Wall Street.”  In a follow-up question, when asked if race relations would be better under a President Sanders he said, “Absolutely,” because if he’s elected he’ll change tax policy to “stop giving tax breaks to billionaires.”

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, race as an issue is closely tied to economics, but not reducible to it.

Benen writes that Sanders seems to be able to connect any issue to his one-note samba.

Benen’s joke:

It’s easy to imagine Sanders going to lunch, getting asked what he’d like to order, and hearing him respond, “I’d like a turkey on rye, which reminds me of how the economy is rigged against working families.

I know, good one, but it does make a point.

Still, if Sen. Sanders does nothing this election cycle but hammer home the fact of income inequality, he will have done a great service. It won’t get him to the White House, but we should thank him.

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