Behind the Ad: The Donald certainly knows words

Who: American Future Fund Political Action (independent conservative anti-Trump group)

Where: In parts of Florida, including Pensacola and Panama City, prior to the March 15th primary.

What’s Going On: A person connected with the group told Politico“Donald Trump’s repeated public reliance on profanities and vulgarities to express himself is one more piece in an ever-mounting pile of evidence that he does not have the temperament or moral integrity to lead the world’s greatest nation.”

And let’s not forget that Trump scolded former Mexican President Vicente Fox for his profanity when Fox said, “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall.”

Not only is Trump a creep, but he’s a hypocrite.

In the event you can’t read lips, in the clip Trump says:

“She said he’s a pussy”

“I don’t give a damn.”

“We’ll beat the shit out of them.”


“What the hell are we doing?”

And the closing clip from Trump: “You can tell them, go fuck themselves.”

It’s not that bad language particularly bothers me, but does the man have no self-control?

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