Donald Trump: Can’t stand the spectacle, can’t look away

Trump love

You know you love me

Away for a couple of weeks, not paying a lot of attention to politics including whatever recent foolishness Trump has been up to, but it’s good to know he’s the same idiot as he ever was.

In an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, Trump said many foolish things, but my favourite is that it would be a ‘miracle’ if HRC  is able to continue her run for president given the controversy to do with her private email server as it relates to the conduct of official business while she was Secretary of State. Not only would he be surprised if she can stay in, but if, he says, she manages that feat, he’ll beat her because, you know, his winning the GOP nomination is a simply understood to be something that will happen.

And then we’ll be on our way to a new golden age in American politics of ass kicking and name taking.

Good to be back.

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