Who wants odds on the first GOP hopeful to quit?

imageIt’s Friday. And while Donald has provided hours of comic relief over the past week, and many weeks before, there is never enough humour to go around, so here’s something else that’s funny, both in a ha ha and a strange sort of way.

Former New York Gov. George Pataki is still running for the GOP presidential nomination. Yeah, I know. I forgot too.

Not only that, but he says that if he gets enough attention he’ll win over Republican voters.  He says that, “If he can raise enough money he’ll be a force in the GOP primary. If he wins the nomination, he will absolutely win the White House next November.”

“If I have the opportunity to compete, and I believe I will, then I will win this race,” Mr. Pataki said Thursday during an interview with Wall Street Journal reporters and editors. “If I win this race, I know I can not just govern, but I can manage and change Washington.”

The Wall Street Journal quickly adds that none of that appears likely to happen. No attention, no money, no support.

Makes me wonder who the first GOP contender to drop out will be, and if anyone will notice when he or she exits the stage.

Poor George. He used to be a contender.

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