Texas crazy

I’m starting to think there are two kinds of crazy in America. Regular crazy and Texas crazy.

As Exhibit “A” I offer the following item from KERA News

Starting in January, you can legally carry handguns in public in Texas. And later next year, you can have concealed handguns on state university campuses. There are still a few strictly gun-free zones, like hospitals. Some Second Amendment advocates are trying to change that. A North Texas representative wants legislation that would allow staff and visitors to bring firearms into hospitals for self-defense.

A few years ago, when State Rep. Drew Springer went to visit a Deputy Sheriff at Texas Health’s Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, he had to leave his gun in the car.“I go up and see the deputy and then I come back,” he said. “I spend the next 10 minutes walking in a dark parking lot to get to my car in downtown Fort Worth and I absolutely did not feel safe.”

Springer added that it made “no sense that he can take his gun into the Capitol building but has to leave it in the glove compartment before walking into the ER.”

Clearly Rep. Springer doesn’t watch any crime procedurals, most of which feature a story line every second episode in which a bad guy tries to shoot a witness in the emergency room.

Talk about out of touch.

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