Donald Trump vs. the sacrifice of men and women in uniform

imageThis has to be the end for Trump, right? A candidate for president doesn’t get to insult a great American war hero without repercussions, right? The truly amazing part has to be that Donald Trump thinks his act is more powerful than perhaps the single greatest symbol of American pride, the military and the perception by Americans of the sacrifices they are asked to make in the defence of liberty. I doubt I’ve seen a single Fox News segment involving service personnel that didn’t start  with the host fawningly thanking the military person for his or her service.

But somehow Donald Trump thinks he’s bigger than that.

Yes, this is the beginning of the end and it’s going to be quick.

As Nate Cohn writes,

Mr. Trump’s candidacy probably reached an inflection point on Saturday after he essentially criticized John McCain for being captured during the Vietnam War. Republican campaigns and elites quickly moved to condemn his comments — a shift that will probably mark the moment when Trump’s candidacy went from boom to bust.

His support will erode as the tone of coverage shifts from publicizing his anti-establishment and anti-immigration views, which have some resonance in the party, to reflecting the chorus of Republican criticism of his most outrageous comments and the more liberal elements of his record.

For all the support he has received for his racist comments an immigration and his laughable jingoism on foreign policy, there is one thing that his comments about McCain prove for sure and that is that Donald Trump really doesn’t understand politics and he certainly doesn’t understand America.

Ciao, Donny. It’s been fun.

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