Move over Ted Cruz, there’s a new fool in town

Donald Trump? Seriously?

Donald Trump? Seriously?

The problem with running a campaign based on channelling voters’ grumpy old man is that there is always a possibility of being out-grumped. This seems to be happening to Sen. Ted Cruz who, according to a new poll of insiders by Politico, is suffering the most from Trump’s unlikely recent success.

Insiders say … Trump … is as uncompromising as Cruz on hot-button issues like immigration – and can deliver the message with even more fiery rhetoric,” by Katie Glueck: “Roughly a third of Iowa and New Hampshire Republican insiders pointed to Cruz as the candidate who is damaged the most in their states by Trump’s rise in the polls. [An Iowa Republican:] ‘Cruz, the incumbent proxy for the disaffected GOP “Hell No!” Caucus, has been virtually starved of oxygen since Trump entered the race.’ ..

Sure, Trump is a jerk, and having to endure his enhanced celebrity status is annoying,  but just for today I am going to take some pleasure in how unhappy it must be making Ted Cruz.

The enemy of my enemy is a temporary source of satisfaction.

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