On the Hustings

imageWe could all be forgiven for thinking Donald Trump’s candidacy is the only election story of note this week, but that would not be completely true. Almost, but not completely.

And, contrary to what the Trumpster has said recently, Hispanics do not love him. Don’t believe me, believe the results of a new Univision poll.

Karl Rove has a book coming out in November, this one about William McKinley and how the political dynamic in play around the 25th President of the United States has something to teach today. Sounds awful.

While we are on the topic of books, Barton Swain, a former aide to South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, has a new book out about his time with the ever colourful Sanford. It’s called The Speechwriter: A Brief Education in Politics. I’m told it’s quite entertaining.

As the sort-of front runner, Jeb Bush is wondering how to defend himself against outrageous attacks that will likely come his way from Donald Trump in the first round of GOP presidential debates, although there is a contrary opinion that this could help Bush. Whatever else it will be, it will be fun to watch.

Well, look at that, Chris Christie’s announcement as a GOP presidential candidate did not cause a polling bump. Are we surprised?

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