Donald Trump: Obliterating the line between politics and entertainment

imageIt is amazing how Donald Trump has the ability to grab so much attention for himself and ensure there is little remaining for anyone else. How does he do that? I guess it’s because since the days of Emmett Kelly, Americans have loved their clowns. You know, make ’em laugh, or shake their heads, or something.

It’s almost easy to forget there are 17 announced GOP candidates, and that Scott Walker, considered a strong contender, announced this week. It’s been Trump, Trump, Trump, and some mention of Jeb and Hillary just so we could be reminded there is a contest brewing. Everyone else has been forgotten, at least temporarily.

Some in the news business with access to film archives will say that Trump’s moment in the sun will last only as long as it takes to queue up the reels that show him saying decidedly liberal things about abortion and gay rights, etc. Maybe. But what’s more interesting to cover, Rand Paul’s libertarian ramblings, Ted Cruz’s crankiness, Scott Walker’s union bashing, etc., etc., etc., or, and this is really an easy question, Donald Trump’s threats to invade Mexico, or punch China in the nose? You know the answer.

Sure, the frenzy will die down, but Donald knows what sells and, so far, America is buying.

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