Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton in the main event – count on it

imageJeb Bush may not be the inevitable Republican nominee for president, but if the GOP had any understanding of its own interests, he would be. Lucky for Democrats, it’s going to be a rocky road for Jeb.

As the New York Times notes:

[Jeb Bush] is grappling with the Republican Party’s prickly and demanding ideological blocs, particularly evangelical leaders and pro-Israel hawks. He is struggling to win over grass-roots activists in Iowa and New Hampshire, states he has visited only a handful of times. And Mr. Bush’s undisputed advantage— the millions of dollars streaming rapidly into his political organization — may not be enough to knock out other contenders.

Bush can beat Hillary Clinton, while no other Republican on the horizon can. The question is whether big money on the GOP side tired of losing will be able to beat back the fractious elements that comprise the conservative movement.

If the primary process weren’t as complex and unpredictable as it is, it would be a no-brainer, and money would be enough, as it usually is.

Still, I think it will be Jeb for the nomination because enough conservatives want to win.

And then I wouldn’t want to bet on the outcome for the general.

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