The future of the Democratic Party

hillaryThe New York Times reports that moderate and more left-wing Democrats are “discussing” the future direction of the party in light of the disastrous midterm results.

The Democrats’ widespread losses last week have revived a debate inside the party about its fundamental identity, a long-running feud between center and left that has taken on new urgency in the aftermath of a disastrous election and in a time of deeply felt economic anxiety.

The discussion is taking place in post-election meetings, conference calls and dueling memos from liberals and moderates. But it will soon grow louder, shaping the actions of congressional Democrats in President Obama’s final two years and, more notably, defining the party’s presidential primary in 2016.

On the one hand, the most strongly held beliefs among moderate Democrats is whatever it takes to get elected. On the other hand, more left-leaning Democrats think that if only they were to run a principled progressive campaign, the electorate would follow.

The future of the Democratic party seems to exist somewhere between the extremes of hypocrisy and delusion. Hillary Clinton certainly has the hypocrisy part nailed. But is she delusional enough?

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