Ted Cruz gets ready

CurzPolitico is pushing the rather obvious idea that Sen. Ted Cruz is positioning himself to run for president in 2016:

“Politics may be stressful, but that doesn’t mean anyone in politics loses weight accidentally. When they begin looking trim in better-cut suits, then you know something’s afoot. Ted Cruz is looking trim these days.”

They note that he kept a fairly low profile during the midterms, but that his new look, and trips to key states, like Iowa and South Carolina, are all pointing to the inevitable. Yes, Teddy has been hankering for some national Republican love since he first marched into Washington. No doubt about it.

I would like to think such an obnoxious jerk could never get his party’s nomination let alone be elected, although I recall thinking the same thing in 1980.

I would not be the first to think that Sarah Palin’s message might be palatable to 50% plus one of those who bother to vote, but that the messenger is a moron. Cruz is all about the same message, and he is no moron, leading me to wonder how a more intelligent person could market this particular variant of conservative extremism.

Could it happen?

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