WaPo editorial board to stop using term “Redskins”

Patriots_Redskins_Football-0c0c9Patriots_Redskins_Football-0c0c9As the Washington Post reported:Patriots_Redskins_Football-0c0c9

The Washington Post editorial board said Friday it will stop using the word “Redskins” when referring to Washington’s football team, joining a growing list of other commentators who have renounced the term because they believe it disparages Native Americans.

In a statement, the board said, “While we wait for the NFL to catch up with public opinion and common decency we have decided not to use the slur ourselves except when it is essential for clarity or effect.”

The editorial board is separate from the news-gathering side of the organization, which executive editor Marty Baron said will continue to use the team’s moniker.

Someone needs to explain to team owner Dan Snyder that there is no future in being on the wrong side of history.

This is not going away, nor should it.

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