It just doesn’t look right

imageI usually dismiss the background noise that invariably accompanies any president who feels the need to engage in leisure activity. How could he be so callous as to take a break when there are crises breaking out everywhere? When, however, is there not a crisis brewing?

It’s usually nonsense, but not always. In this most recent case, I have to think President Obama wasn’t thinking clearly.

The New York Times:

He had just hung up the telephone with the devastated parents before heading in front of the cameras. Unusually emotional, President Obama declared himself “heartbroken” by the brutal murder of an American journalist, James Foley, and vowed to “be relentless” against Islamic radicals threatening to kill another American.

But as soon as the cameras went off, Mr. Obama headed to his favorite golf course on Martha’s Vineyard, where he is on vacation, seemingly able to put the savagery out of his mind. He spent the rest of the afternoon on the links even as a firestorm of criticism erupted over what many saw as a callous indifference to the slaughter he had just condemned.

You’ve got to pick your spots, Mr. President. Hate to say it but there are times when that whole interpersonal relations thing is not Mr. Obama’s strong suite. Can’t have everything, I guess.

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