Madam Prime Minister, get a nanny

imageI’m still working my way through season one of Borgen, the Danish political drama, which I understand is very popular in Europe and catching on in North America.

The show follows a female prime minister leading a very unstable coalition government.

Very entertaining. Great acting, even through subtitles.

Here’s my (small) issue.

Much of the political maneuvering rings true though small bits of the personal dynamics do not. For example, the prime minister’s husband is perpetually grumpy because his wife, who happens to run the country, can’t spend much time with the kids. Plus he’s left to do all the heavy lifting around the house.

On the one hand, this kind of shit would not happen if gender roles were reversed. On the other hand, the prime minister can’t get a nanny with some other staff help? Would this be unheard of in Denmark?

What, for crissakes, is the point of being prime minister if you can’t get people to do shit for you?

Just had to get that off my chest.

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