A Judas kiss in West Virginia

tennantNatalie Tennant is the Democratic Senate nominee in West Virginia, a state in which President Obama is very unpopular. Last Saturday, Tennant’s campaign chair, one Major General Allen Thacket, made the unpardonable mistake of claiming that Tennant agrees with President Barack Obama “on most of his policies.”

Whoa there, General. Haven’t you been reading the memos?

Turns out that, no, Tennant “does not support the majority of the president’s policies,” according to campaign spokesmen Jenny Donahue.

I guess no one told the Major General that he wasn’t brought on for his political skill but rather to look pretty and military-like next to the candidate. Honest mistake though as Tennant and Obama are both Democrats and he leads her party.

Remarkable that a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate can so blithely state, albeit through a proxy, that she is not generally supportive of the policy direction of a president of her own party.

Perhaps she and Senator Manchin should just cross the aisle to help clear things up. Even with a scorecard it’s becoming damned hard to figure out who plays for whom.

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