Useless polling. Thanks again CNN

threePolling is frequently such bullshit, but it’s particularly ridiculous when it polls hypotheticals that are simply never going happen. The most recent example is a poll that pits President Obama against Mr. “Corporations Are People Too, My Friend,” AKA Mitt Romney. The poll, by CNN and ORC International, finds that if Obama and Romney were in an election today, Romney would win by margin of 53% to 44%.

Interestingly, the poll also finds that if Romney were to run in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, he’d get his ass kicked 55% to 42%.

The thing is that Romney running against Obama is a stupid hypothetical, totally meaningless because it can’t happen. And, sure, it gives voters a chance, without consequences, to piss on the guy who currently has the job , and who doesn’t like to say shit that has no consequences?

A Romney-Clinton race is in fact possible, if unlikely, and for that reasons voters are decidedly unenthusiastic about suggesting they want to see Romney in the White House.

I guess CNN hasn’t much better to do with its time, short of watching its rating continue to plummet.

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