Bob Seger – “Like a Rock”

220px-Bob_Seber_Like_a_Rock_singleI’m currently reading Charlie LeDuff’s book on Detroit called Detroit (convenient that). The subtitle is “An American Autopsy,” so it’s not a happy story. I will try to get through it, depressing though it surely is.

For obvious reasons I was thinking about Detroit music legend Bob Seger and his song “Like a Rock.” Love that song, though with the city in the kind of shape it’s in, it takes on a very sad overtone.

Seger, Springsteen, Mellencamp, and Tom Petty are responsible, at least in part, for what somebody once called “heartland rock.”

Works for me. All of it.

“Like a Rock” was a big hit for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band in 1986. And then there was that Chevy commercial that ran forever.

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