Behind the Ad: Sen. Warner says howdy (#VASen)

Who: The Sen. Mark Warner (D) re-election campaign
Where: Virginia
What: Rather than first talk about what he has done as a U.S. Senator, Mark Warner first mentions his record as governor, because, well, what goes on inside the Beltway seems to be a problem for a lot of people. To accentuate the point he says, “I learned a long time ago whether it’s running a business or leading a state you make things happen when you put politics aside and work together.” Once again a politician runs for another term by saying, “I’m politician, but I hope you can look past that.”
As per The Hill:

Warner is facing former Republican National Committee Chairman Ed Gillespie (R) in his reelection battle, and has led comfortably in most polls. He retains strong numbers in the state, largely due to his popular term as governor, and is seeking to play up those years rather than focus on his time in the Senate.

The most recent round of primaries is over. Things might be a little boring for while. Certainly nothing to see here, at least not for the moment as Warner enjoys a 20-plus point lead. Because one can never tell in midterm elections, Charlie Cook has this as “Likely Democratic” rather than solidly so. I’m not losing any sleep.
Grade: What a boring ad, but, in this case, when your brand is working, boring is good. B

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