Eugene Robinson calls bullshit on the resurgence of establishment conservatism

As Washington Post writer Eugene Robinson correctly notes, the  “mainstream” of the Republican Party hasn’t so much defeated the tea party as a result of beating their candidates in recent primaries as much as they have absorbed their ideas in order to placate what the base of the GOP has become.

What’s happening in the Republican primaries is less a defeat for the tea party than a surrender by the GOP establishment, which is winning key races by accepting the tea party’s radical anti-government philosophy.

Anyone who hopes the party has finally come to its senses will be disappointed. Republicans have pragmatically decided not to concede Senate elections by nominating eccentrics and crackpots. But in persuading the party’s activist base to come along, establishment leaders have pledged fealty to eccentric, crackpot ideas.

To the extent that the establishment GOP has won anything, they have been able to hold a kind of line that says “this far and no further,” but that line is awfully far to the radical right.
When you frame ideas as your enemy would frame them, your enemy has won.
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