Let the pros have their say #American Idol and #The Voice

I will admit that I watch more American Idol and The Voice than I should. It is partially to do with the fact that I’ll watch almost any presentation of  music, at least for a while. But the more significant reason is that I enjoy watching people perform well under extreme pressure. Anyone can sing in the bathroom, but in front of millions on TV with so much at stake? That’s incredible.
I also have a certain fascination with the process and industry that makes some very talented performers stars, and leaves others wondering what might have been.
This brings me to my point. What would be so bad about  incorporating honest to goodness A&R people in the judging process on our beloved music competition shows? If you don’t know the lingo, A&R stands for Artist and Repertoire, the people who go out every day scouting talent and overseeing the development of artists. Much as the performers/coaches/judges who glitz up our screens are perfectly talented at being stars, they frequently are not the right people to say who could make it and who should go back to their day job.
There are professionals who do that. As I say, would it be so wrong to have them weigh in and give the viewing public a better sense of what it takes and who has it and why?
I know public voting is a big part of the business model on these shows, and will always be a part if it. And I know celebrities are needed to drive ratings. But could those responsible actually, from time to time, bring some real profession knowledge to what we are seeing and hearing?
Please. Do it for me.
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