Behind the Ad: Now, how did they do that? (#NCSen)

Who: Senate Majority PAC (Democratic SuperPAC)
Where: North Carolina
What: State House Speaker Thom Tillis won the GOP Senate nomination about a week ago. Democrats are already up with a significant ad campaign ($850,000) encouraging voters to “take a closer look,” charging that Tillis “gave tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations—even kept breaks for private jets and yachts. He raised taxes on 80 percent of North Carolinians.”
The clever bit is that in the ad a woman purporting to be at Tillis’ victory party is doing part of the narrative. In fact, she is actually at the party, which must be driving his campaign team crazy. Who let her in! And the fact of the matter is that cameras go everywhere these day.
The National Memo:

The peculiar ad was made by Senate Majority PAC, a SuperPAC run by former aides to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, which has led Democratic efforts to match the tidal wave of Republican outside spending that has washed over the midterm elections.


At least in North Carolina, those efforts have been succesful; Senate Majority PAC and other liberal outside groups have matched their conservative counterparts nearly dollar for dollar in the Tar Heel State.


The content of the attack ad is likely to resurface repeatedly throughout Tillis’ campaign against Senator Kay Hagan, the incumbent Democrat. Although Tillis did not earn much Tea Party support during the Republican primary, he has an extensive right-wing record as speaker of North Carolina’s legislature, which Democrats will hope to turn against him.

It has been well reported that the general election will likely go down to the wire.
Grade: Come on, you gotta love this one. Not that it will necessarily have a huge impact, but it’s different and ballsy. B

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