Oliver Nelson – “Stolen Moments”

nelIn last Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons we hear a snippet of “Stolen Moments” as part of a narrative that has loser Lisa unable to make friends due to her odd personality. Sure, a little kid who likes jazz? Burn her!
This is an outstanding piece of music, though. For the musicians in the room, it’s a sixteen-bar piece, but the solos are on a conventional minor key 12-bar blues structure, so you can blow your brains out without having to think too much. 
The first well-known recording of the song, which was composed by Oliver Nelson, was on his 1961 album, The Blues and the Abstract Truth
As for the personell on the album: Freddie Hubbard (trumpet), Eric Dolphy (alto sax, flute), Oliver Nelson (tenor sax, alto sax, arranger), George Barrow (baritone saxophone), Bill Evans (piano), Paul Chambers (bass), Roy Haynes (drums). Now, that’s a band.


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