Major League Baseball – Where the fans are

Because,  as they say, they like maps, the good folks at the New York Times used Facebook to put together a visual representation of fan location around the country.  I don’t know that there are a lot of surprises. If you go to the article, however, you will see a deeper dive showing where, say, the Red Sox border ends and the Yankee fan base begins or the same with the Orioles and Nationals, or the mess in California.
I see that Canada is not on the map, and though I would like to think the Jays own the country, there are a lot of Boston fans in the Eastern Provinces and Seattle fans in B.C. Winnipeggers have a certain affinity for Minnesota. There used to be Yankee fans in Montreal owing to a certain twinning if the cities. When I first moved to Toronto in the early 1980s, Southwestern Ontario for the most part still cheered for Detroit. So, there’s that.
One thing I’d be curious to see is the reach of local television coverage. Even with the ability to get all games (at a price), a lot of team loyalty is driven by what can be viewed.
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