Behind the Ad: Republican governors may not thank Obama for the economic recovery (#OHGov)

Who: The Republican Governors Association (on behalf of Gov. John Kasich (R))
Where: Ohio 
What: The economy is turing around slowly but surely, though Republican governors have to make sure no one thinks the Obama administration had anything to do with that. You gotta love politics. In this fast paced ad, Ohio Governor John Kasich is the man of the hour. 
As the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes:

The ad, titled “John Kasich Works,” presents Kasich as a turnaround specialist who inherited a state on the skids and presided over a significant drop in unemployment.


“Four years ago, Ohio was in free-fall,” a narrator says at the outset of the 30-second spot. “An $8 billion deficit. Only 89 cents in Ohio’s rainy day fund. High unemployment, 350,000 jobs lost. It was ugly. Then, John Kasich stepped in and went to work.”

The Democratic nominee is Ed Fitzgerald. The pushback from his team is this:

“Unfortunately for Ohio’s working families, Gov. Kasich doesn’t work for everyone,” the campaign wrote in an email, arguing that Kasich’s tax policies have shifted local budget burdens on to “working families” and “seniors about to retire.”

HuffPo’s aggregate of polls has Kasich up on Fitzgerald by a margin of 45.6% to 40.8%
One problem for Kasich is that he won in 2010 with the help of the Ohio Tea Party but has apparently done nothing but piss them off since. This is due in part to his decision to accept Obama’s expansion of Medicare, increase spending, taxation of fracking on Ohio farmland and the perception that he has failed to go far enough on charter schools and school vouchers. 
Grade: I like this ad. I know they aren’t going to thank Obama for his help with the economy. I get that. The ad gets a job done. B


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